Privacy Policy

  1. All and any terms used in this document shall be understood in accordance with the definitions provided in the Terms of Use presented on the Website (“Terms of Use”).
  2. This Privacy Policy defines the terms of collection, processing and protection of personal data shared by the Users during or in relation to the use of Websites, based on the use of cookie files on Users’ computers, as well as collection and processing of User data for statistical purposes, and on other means of data processing – in particular on collection, storage, analysis, amendment, sharing and other uses of data.
  3. Any personal data is collected on a fully voluntary basis and is used solely by the owner and/or the Administrator and the Seller.
  4. While using the Website, information sent by the web browser and included in system logs is automatically collected by servers. Such information may contain various data, e.g. e-mail address, IP address, browser type, address of the site visited immediately before accessing the Website, time of visit to the Website and other statistical data. The Website Administrator uses such data to ensure high-quality of services, as well as for technical and statistical purposes.
  5. The Administrator maintains the personal database in conformity with the laws applicable for Administrator’s registered seat and in accordance with the rules of social conduct.
  6. The Seller and/or the Website Administrator is also the Administrator of personal information shared by the Users during or in relation to the use of Products.
  7. The collected data is used only for identification of Users for order fulfilment purposes, including online and offline payments processing, after-sales services and further communication with the Users. Such data include among others: name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address and any data shared by the Users themselves.
  8. Due to the nature of some of the Products, the User may be requested to provide additional personal data. The scope of additional data will be indicated either on the Website or in the Terms of Use.
  9. For individual persons' privacy protection, the names and personal data of Users and other individuals whose comments and photographs are presented on the Website may be changed.
  10. The Administrator processes personal data to provide services, to advertise its services and Products and to provide the Users with newsletters and other marketing materials. At any time the User may reserve that it does not consent to be provided with such commercial information – either by contacting the customer service department, using the contact form available on the Website or, in case of forms enabling Users’ subscription, by clicking the “unsubscribe” link.
  11. Your order summary will be sent to your email address. The privacy policy and providing services of the highest standards are values we cherish most. That is why, should there be a need, we will contact users via email or mobile number only in urgent situations to inform and promote our products, giving them a possibility to unsubscribe at any time without costs other than your internet fees.
  12. Each User has the rights vested to him by the relevant data protection act. In order to access or remove their data, the Users shall use the contact form available on the Website or shall contact the customer service department.
  13. The Website may also use Google Analytics (and similar tools), i.e. the service enabling analyses of visits to sites rendered by Google, Inc. (“Google”) or other entities. Google Analytics also uses “cookies”. Google’s ability to disclose information obtained this way to third persons is restricted to situations where it is obliged to do so to satisfy the law in force.
  14. The Website’s owner uses „cookies” to store information on Users’ preferences. Such text files are stored in the Users’ computers to identify them in a way required to enable some operations. The files contain: Users’ personal preferences and suggestions for automatic fillings of web forms used, among others, to remember the data necessary for the User to log in. In particular, two categories of cookies are used:
    1. Action Cookies – files stored to register Users’ activity on the Website. They provide information on most frequently visited websites, most popular functionalities of the Website and on the effectiveness of marketing materials on the Website. Action cookies provide statistical data allowing optimization of the Website functionality through observation of, for instance, the jump off rate i.e. information on the moment when use of the Website was terminated by the User. Acceptance of cookies by the User through the applicable browser settings is a prerequisite condition for their use.
    2. Session Cookies – used on websites with logging in services – files stored to define User’s logging status. These files allow Users to access websites available only for logged in Users. Session cookies are assigned when logging in and are deleted when the User logs out, i.e. when “Logout” is clicked on.
  15. The Administrator may conduct surveys among Users in order to receive specific profile data (such as age, education, profession). Participation in the survey is voluntary; the personal data so collected will be processed in an anonymous manner and will be used for statistical analysis of Users shared with Administrator’s partners. Disclosure of such information is voluntary at all times.
  16. The Users may withdraw their consent to the processing and storage of their personal data by contacting the customer service department (via e-mail of phone). On Websites offering logging in/subscription, consent may be withdrawn via the form accessible through a link provided on the Website and/or by clicking the “unsubscribe” link.
  17. Following withdrawal of consent by the User, the Administrator is obliged to store User data and any statistical information on User’s account for a period of at least 90 days. The Administrator’s processing of personal data in such case will be limited to storing such data for potential consent’s reactivation by the User and to perform Administrator’s duties, excluding any operations on such data, subject to other duties of the Administrator provided by the law in force or imposed on the Administrator by the relevant authorities.
  18. Fighting any forms of identity theft, illegal acquiring of information and illicit practices defined as „phishing” is one of the highest priorities for the owner and the Administrator. Therefore any data shared by the Users, in particular information such as credit card numbers or data provided by Users on Websites offering logging in such as username and password to the User’s account, is collected pursuant to data safety rules.
  19. The Administrator has the right to send unsolicited communication to the Users. Such communication may include information linked directly to the functioning of the Website (e.g. changes in Website functionalities), or non-commercial mail (e.g. wishes, system notifications). The Users have the right to reserve the lack of consent to provision of such information, by clicking on the link available at the bottom of such communication.
  20. There may be links on the Website (e.g. in the form of third party logotypes) which, when clicked on, direct the User to an external website. The fact of using any such referrals shall not be equated with any kind of connection between the Administrator and the entity running the external website. The Administrator shall not in any case be responsible for such redirections nor for the content of privacy policies and safety rules applied on such websites, nor for cookies used when viewing such websites. Persons using this kind of redirections are advised to read and acknowledge the relevant documents available on such sites.
  21. The Administrator has the right to introduce amendments or clarifications into this Privacy Policy. Any such amendments will be published on the Website under the tab „Privacy Policy”, therefore Users are recommended to visit the Website and observe updates of the rules on a regular basis.
  22. The Website and the contents located therein, including, among others, this Privacy Policy, are available in English and in other languages. In case of any discrepancy or difference in the different language versions, the English version shall prevail.
  23. By visiting and using this Website the User accepts the terms of this Privacy Policy.